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Otto Engelberth, owner and CEO of Engelberth Construction, presents a thorough analysis of health care reform options for Vermont.
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  • The Legislature is in a position to achieve great things in health care this session. The Democrats have a majority in both the House and Senate. Word is that legislators do not think comprehensive legislation is achievable in one session. We must change their minds! Here is what you can do:
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    Health Care Activists at 2002 Statehouse Rally

    1. Call your legislator!

    It is urgent that you do so immediately.
    The legislature has a bill – H. 30 - that will provide every Vermonter with publicly funded but privately delivered health care. It was introduced by Michael Obuchowski.
    Legislators tell us that just FIVE or SIX phone calls from constituents on an issue influences their thinking. That means you have the power to change their minds. Here are suggestions for a phone call.
    Tell them that that are your representative, or senator, and that you want them to know how you feel about the health care issue. Tell them your own personal story or that of a friend or family member's problem with affording health care.
    Let them know that you expect them to work on a comprehensive solution not simply another Band-Aid. Tell them you support Michael Obuchowski's bill, H. 30. It already has 36 co-sponsors. If the representative you are calling is one of them, then thank him/her for being supportive.
    If they begin to tell you reasons why it can't be done and you don't feel comfortable arguing with them, then tell them there are many reputable studies out there that show we can pay for everyone's care without spending any more money than we do now. Refer them to our educational website for more information: (vthca stands for Vermont Health Care for All).
    Mention that one third of each health care dollar is wasted on billing and paperwork that could be eliminated if we had a universal health care system. A universal health care system includes everyone, is publicly financed, and keeps spending under control with a budget. Mention that every other industrialized nation has shown us that it is possible to pay for health care for everyone for half as much as we now spend per person, and in many cases people in these countries live longer and have higher quality care.
    Tell them that, if they are not going to support this, as most of their constituents do, then they are not the right person for the job as far as you care concerned. Tell them you will not vote for them again and will urge your friends and family not to vote for them either. (But remember, your goal should be to convince them, not to antagonize them.)
    If each representative got 10 of these phone calls, it would have a great effect. Just 10! Call all your friends, tell them to call. Click here for contact information (opens in a new window).

    2. Have a house party!

    A small effort can produce large results. We have spoken at many of these around the state and they are very effective, particularly if you invite people who are on the fence on this issue and those who have influence in their communities.
    Business owners, school board officials, clergy and other church leaders, community activists, town officials, are all likely to be very interested in this issue.
    These gatherings are usually two hours long. They can be held on weekdays or weekends. They can be morning, afternoon or evening events. You let us know the best time, we supply the speaker.
    A PowerPoint presentation is made and folks have time to digest the issue in an intimate setting. As a host, all you need to do is provide the place, some bagels perhaps and coffee, and to invite people interested in learning about the issue. Contact Dr. Deb Richter:

    3. Make a contribution!

    Some people do not have time to do a house party. We understand. Our organization is in need of financial support. Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated and would certainly be put to good use. For example, these new projects are underway and in need of support:
    • Video production on the need for a universal health care system in Vermont.
    • A website tutorial that explains health care reform in simple to understand terms.
    • A reliable and objective day-to-day website report on the progress of health care reforms in the 2005 Legislature.
    Contributing online is easy! Click here for more information (opens in a new window).
    Want to get involved?

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    Regional Coordinator, Ellen Oxfeld, Middlebury
    Chittenden County, Franklin County and Grand Isle
    Regional Coordinator, Lyn Rothwell, S. Burlington
    Northeast Kingdom (Orleans, Caledonia, Essex)
    Regional Coordinator, Nancy Potak, Greensboro
    Washington, Orange and Lamoille Counties
    Regional Coordinator, Deborah Richter, Montpelier
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